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Copyright of Clansman EMERs and other technical documents.  

All Clansman documents are subject to Crown copyright. This lasts for 50 years from the date of publication, so any document published after 1961 will still be subject to this copyright (at the time of writing).

 Crown Copyright documents may be copied and distributed, without a need to obtain a licence, under strictly limited terms of use:

         Research for non-commercial purposes and private study

         For criticism, review and news reporting.

Plainly the first of these describes very well what VMARS members need Clansman documents for. As such, we are confident that neither VMARS itself or our members will be infringing copyright at all by using them to restore equipment, or study to understand how the equipment works.  

What is also clear, however, is that anyone attempting to sell these documents to other parties will most definitely be infringing this copyright (since this immediately brings in a 'commercial' element). Any such activity will implicate the Society in a breach of copyright, and will thus be regarded as 'bringing the Society into disrepute'.

Guidance on the use of Crown Copyright material may be obtained from

For these reasons we are not making documents in this category openly available on the Internet.  
VMARS Members only may obtain a free download of the documents on this list by sending a request stating the filename of the required document(s) to
archivist[at]vmars/dot/org/dot/uk.  The request must come from the Email address you have registered with VMARS (The one to which your News sheet is sent) - a maximum of 10 document requests per application can be made. We will reply with the information required to access the download, which must then be filled into the form below.  Please note however, that while we try to reply within 24 hours, this service is provided on a "best endeavour" basis and on occasion replies may take longer - please be patient, the Archivist has a day job!

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