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VMARS Members only may obtain a free download of the documents on the following list by sending a request stating the filename of the required document(s) to archivist[at]vmars/dot/org/dot/uk.  The request must come from the Email address you have registered with VMARS (The one to which your News sheet is sent).  We will reply with the information required to access the download, which must then be filled into the form on the home page.  Please note however, that while we try to reply within 24 hours, this service is provided on a "best endeavour" basis and on occasion replies may take longer - please be patient, the Archivist has a day job!

To search the list, press ctrl+F, and enter the model base number or other detail you are searching for.

Note that User Documentation (Operator Handbooks etc) are listed on the main listing page.

Last Updated 11th October 2011

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Document Title
2109 2109_PRC2000_Maintenance_Manual.pdf PRC2000 Maintenance handbook for Callpack Transceiver PRC2000