This note is intended to help you understand how this web site uses cookies. Cookies are small files sent from a web server to your web browser and stored by the browser in your computer's memory or permanent storage device. Web applications like forums use cookies to store information that needs to be used when generating the next page that you see when you submit a form or click a link but they can also be used to track your internet usage or (for example) load adverts relevant to your previous actions.

Public Website

The public parts of this website (the parts that you can access without being asked for a password) do not, to the best of our knowledge and belief, use cookies at all. We used to have a cookie that stored your acknowledgement of having read the cookie statement but that seemed excessive and has been removed.

Password Protected Applications

This site offers a number of password protected applications which have their own cookie statements listing the cookies and their purpose:

About Cookies

Cookies may be sent back only to the server that put them on your computer or sent to a third party. Third party cookies are the ones that are used for tracking and to count advertisement page views. Please refer to the F&DARS cookie statement for more technical details of how that application uses cookies.

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