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This note is intended to help you understand how the YaBB forum uses cookies. Cookies are small files sent from a web server to your web browser and stored by the browser in your computer's memory or permanent storage device. Web applications like YaBB use cookies to store information that needs to be used when generating the next page that you see when you submit a form or click a link but they can also be used to track your internet usage or (for example) load adverts relevant to your previous actions. The F&DARS YABB forum only uses cookies to remember that you are logged in and to remember your choices when using the forum.

Cookies may be sent back only to the server that put them on your computer or sent to a third party. Third party cookies are the ones that are used for tracking and to count advertisement page views. All of our cookies are sent back to our own site (web server) only. We do not put any cookies on your computer or device for other organisations, and we do not collect information from cookies on other web sites. Our YaBB forum is the only application that uses the cookies that it saves in your computer.

The YaBB forum will not work properly (you will get stuck at the login page) if cookies are blocked by your browser settings.

It is safe to block third party cookies and keep local data only until you quit the browser. It has also been found to work normally in an Incognito window of the Chrome browser and a Private Window in the Firefox Browser. We have not investigated Safari or Edge at this time.

The cookies saved on your computer by the YaBB forum software are:

This is your user name

This is an encrypted session password

This is a unique identifier for your current session

This remembers the sorting order you have chosen for message lists and is only set if you have used the list order controls.

This controls guest access viewing limits but should not be seen by F&DARS users as we do not permit guest access; it is included for completeness.

This will be set if you have visited other parts of moffatig.com or moffatig.plus.com and have clicked to accept the legal notice at the top of each page. It is not part of and is not needed by the F&DARS YaBB forum.

The number 55284 was generated when the site was installed and has no special meaning to the best of our knowledge and belief.

The Y2Sess cookie is persistent until 2038 or until you log out so it will work if your browser is closed and restarted. The ComplianceCookie has a lifetime of 14 days when set and will not be extended. The Y2View cookie has a lifetime of one day. The other cookies have a lifetime until your browser is closed.

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