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Privacy and Cookies

The public parts of this web site do not use cookies apart from one to store whether the cookie consent form has been accepted. Only the home page and parts of the site that use cookies have the implied consent form.

Password protected areas of this website may use cookies to store authentication and session state and authorised users will be informed of this as part of the password entry prompt. Currently this is only true for the YaBB forums.

This site does not track user's activity on other sites or analyse user behaviour in any way (although the right to review access logs for security audit or application support is reserved by the site owner).

As of November 2017 it is believed that this web site complies with the UK Information Commissioners Office guidance for organisations that use cookies and similar technologies. This website is registered number Z2865639 under the former Data Protection Act and will be updated on renewal to reflect the GDPR and Digital Economy act changes in August 2019.

Further Reading:

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